Tim class – Sound of words


Typographic it’s a communication where letters can show a demonstration of the meaning.

I learned that typography can be designed in different ways by exploring with each letters.


Tim class: Hidden letter into a grid

I learn something new on how to hide letters or make a strange word into a hidden square.

As you see I have practice on how to get the interesting parts of the font so it could come creative and I also played around using red background.

Tim class: How to create a grid

I have learn that grids are always helpful for separate paragraphs, designs or layouts that helps us to work professionally and carefully.

There is also a good examples on this website where I find it interesting and very helpful to get the understanding about different grids. you make a grid.pdf

Tim class: Portrait

Today I learn how to use the pen tool to illustrate a picture and to make it real by adding shadows as you can see on the first two pictures where I have give a tone around the nose where looks clearly and darker.

I also got into practice on the third two pictures by adding shadow around the face by putting a bit of detail so it will adjust to a natural colour.

At the beginning of the class I find it difficult because I’m not use to portrait illustration but once I have learned I found it interested but at the same time helpful to know that my teacher helped me out with the struggle with the pen tool since it was hard for me to curve it but now I have manged to use it carefully.