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Biker practice magazine


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Today we learn a new skill of how to do a magazine cover by only using the actual face from the first image and not the background.

We started to go on to Photoshop and use the pen tool to crop and delete the background so we could use it as a transparent background area then passing on to illustrator and make a front cover magazine using a blank background colour then add the main headline and contents to be used in a magazine.

For a front cover we have to make sure that colours should be suitable along the main title and using contents like information on the right or left side of the cover.


InDesign tutorial – Layout practice

At Tim lesson today we started to practice with the most important tools to design a front and inside cover for a magazine so we started to use a right measurement for a magazine layout and then drag the pages from the master page to create the two side inside covers adding to another page.

So then we placed an image in the two side inside cover to use a spread cover with information and space.

Using a heading and information in two columns then we started to analize more what does a inside cover contains so we used a “small script” underneath the heading in one page.

There is also another forms of starting a writing so we use the capital “T” giving a small space between the writing so it will stand out the starting of an information.

I also discover with some interesting tool that we could use the pen tool to draw around the “building area” using as a text wrap to give the space for the body text around the selection image.