Quick sketch Ideas

This are quite rough sketches ideas of how I would like to do my final poster but at the same time I used quick layout too to show the title and the information of the poster.


Analysing Typography

I came with the idea of drawing my own “block baby teeth” by Milton Glaser and I have also drawn the letter A to make it understand full by experience the differences of each type face.

I decided to experiment the two typeface called “constructivist block baby teeth and baby teeth” typography the difference between them it’s that the constructivist block baby teeth it’s made in kind of letter blocks and baby teeth it’s cropped in each side of the font to make it clearly.

The idea of drawing only the letter “A” means that I would like to experiment the “Sans – serif” font and the constructivist block on my poster.

I have drawn and cut of the letters from a black card to use those typefaces on my experiment poster where you can see I scanned them and will be used for my poster.

I also tried to play around with both”constructivist block baby teeth and baby teeth” typographic in a red,orange and green card to demonstrate the understanding of each typeface.