Segey Lekomtsev professional photographer

Sergey Lekomtsev (lekomtsev) is a professional portfolio of a photographer living in London UK.

His photographs has amazed me how he has taken every detail using bright and shadow background and editing the image giving a natural photo.

I enjoy his nature landscapes shots because it shows me to do my own photos by giving a light and dark background.

Most of these photos I like the colour ones because stands out more even though black and white photos are a great shot too but for me giving a colour photo is giving a life with every detail effect colour standing out.


Creative Review Photography Annual – layouts, grids and typography examples

These examples are from Creative Review magazine giving me a lot of ideas to work on my final.

The first image shows a clear and fresh angle by showing photographs with a small text standing out the images.

The third and the fourth layouts images are more landscapes, with and without body text on it.

Most of this pages layouts I like the last one because it has a clear and clean page where it only stand out the photograph where I could use the other pages to write on but not on the photograph page.

Nature environment information + photography examples

Nature environmental is a landscape view where you can take a point to explore a nature like in parks, ocean, mountains, animals, sky, waterfall, trees etc

Graham Turner for Green shoot : A heavy frost on plants in a field in Suffolk

Green Shoots : Flock of birds

A sepia photograph of the Merced river, by Carleton Watkins


A coal tit feeding in a garden

A small bird its a nature in the earth

All this photographs are a nature environment where you explore and take a look at the amazing views that we don’t see everyday.

Like the first image it looks cold and a low sunshine colour giving a great combination to stand out the dark trees, the second image it’s a difference showing a bright orange, blue and dark side along with the birds making it unique and great shoot.

Photography magazine layout designs examples

05: Modern Design Magazine issue 13, July 2008
A minimalist cover design could look very modern and sleek if you have the right photograph to use as in the example below. Photo collage on a spread can break the monotony as shown below.

cover and inside layout of Modern Magazine

11: Change in the Feather
Another good example of a spread layout, with one side featuring one big interesting photo and the other side containing the text.


17: Between the ducks…
This spread does not have continuity, which is consistent with the theme of the article.  The “oddness” makes people wonder and thus makes it interesting enough to make them read through.

magazine spread layout

Minimal Magazine Layout by : Rolando Bouza

Here it the best layouts that has inspired me in a way

These photography magazine page examples are really inspired because it shows a different combination of layouts in different views and composition along with the heading and the body text or just only using photographs with a small text on the bottom.

Like the first image “05: Modern Design Magazine issue 13, July 2008” I love the layout and specially how the photographs are located side by side making as a landscape even though this images are for architecture but I would like to have something like this for my final.

The typography on image – page “11: Change in the Feather” and “17: Between the ducks…” are using big and loud font to get the attraction and understanding from the photograph that also does match with the colour photo.

General environmental photography work examples

Here are couple of a general environmental photography that has catch my eye and gives me the inspiration to do it.

This is a photograph from a Cliff Lake in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness Area, Kootenai National Forest, northwest Montana.

It looks that from a photograph was illustrated to make it lighter and softness with a fragile lake

From this nature landscape I like the shadow and the light of this image that gives a bright photo that makes you see every detail.

This photograph really attracts me because it’s a red squirrel on cone cache in old-growth forest at Kootenai National Forest, northwest Montana.

I like the composition of this photograph where it does show a blur background with the main image standing out from the background giving a clear detail.

I know this image can a simple one but it gives you the wonder and obvious because it’s to explore the nature.

This is a black and white photograph about the war environment where it shows a detailed of Argentine soldiers walking and carrying big supplies on their shoulders.

We all know  environment has different areas but this image has showed a communication environment where it means meadia communication which now telephone is used more than everyday which give us the ability to connect us with other people.

I like how this design it’s settled and how its compose with the typography by giving the body information along the side the telephone image and including the space for each side.

About general environment

Environment it’s the influences and resources in a system which means environment is our surroundings and what is around us for example our house, town, shops, parks, river, ocean  etc.

Environment are influences and resources surroundings us consisting of natural elements such as animals, plants, water, air and artificial as houses, highways, bridges, etc.
Environment is also produced from the human for example, cities are the result of human society and are part of the environment. The culture of a people too, their customs, their beliefs.
The environment is constantly changing, positive or negative, by human action or natural transforming our surroundings but also shapes the landscape rain, builds and destroys sea beaches, cold and heat break rocks, other species are architects of their environment, etc.

Environmental may refer also:

Environmental art


This is a piece of art by Widesmith of a nature artist, who enjoys nature landscapes.

Most of his paintings are nature environmental where he started to draw plants and flowers but then he became more enthusiastic with the beauty of nature.