Final poster

For my final poster I choose this one because from my research I have become interested on Milton Glaser a Graphic Designer artist and his typographic has inspired me and gave me ideas on  how I would like to do for my poster design by using a combine of constructivist block and baby teeth so for that I have use this kind of technique using black card by drawing my own “constructivist block and babyteeth” typography by using couple of the letters so I could use it for this poster.

Along experimenting around with the typography I came with the idea of making a “block babyteeth A” to show an interesting way of what the title is saying.

I also came with the idea of illustrate the images to give a traditional picture on the poster with the typography giving a colour to match and to be understanding.


Third development poster

Here I decided to use a different poster style of Typography using “block babyteeth” and Futura font combining with each other and used as reflect typography than the original title from the previous posters.

I got influenced by a poster I researched online called “Design walk” which the letters are cut of like I did on this experiment poster.

I made a change on reflecting the words on horizontal where it does looks simple but gives the curiosity to know what it says.

I tried to use only a background colour which attaches to the  typography, I used green, yellow and light brown.

Two of the posters I have add photography behind the typography cut off but I did not like the idea because my intention is doing an inspired poster and to show a difference from what I have searched, so have I choose the green background poster because it’s bright and gives the attraction of typography.

Second development poster

On my second development I wanted to show another experiment with typography and try to use the technique that I learned at  Tim’s class using the grid square to hide the letters and only using the interesting parts of the letter this might look weird but I find it interesting and another way to attract the audience.
I tried using to use the same illustrations on the previous poster but on this poster I gave a low colour which looks kind of natural and simple by giving a black typography to stand out.

First development poster

On my first development I decided to do a quick sketch to show how is my idea to do a poster and where the tittle and the information should be located in a right layout.

First of all I used 2 photographs as you can see on the picture where I cut it off the London eye outside and inside to decide whether use both or just one of them.

I used the monument picture to give a kind of illustration to add along with the London eye picture.

For this experimental poster I was inspired by Milton Glaser for his typography and as you can see I have analyze my previous developments and I have draw the letters of “constructivist block and baby teeth” so it can be used on the poster which it was my intention to designing it. Here’s how I used the “A” and “O” in a shaped to show as a “constructivist block” but at the same time  I’m giving the right size along the other letters.
I also wanted to show how I would like to have my layout on the poster by showing separate letters using “create outlines”  so I could use the letter “A” changing to the block babyteeth between the tittle where it says “typography along”.

The reason I done the “A” in the middle of “Typography along” it’s because I would like people to visualize the outstanding and to combine with two words at the same time.
I also used a black colour on the background to bring up the title with a lighter colour to give a good definition of the illustration and typography.

I made a small collage inside the letter “A” as a triangle which is located in the middle of the title and that’s where I put the typography photos to give a small demonstration.
The last picture I wanted to try how it would look in a brown colour title instead of a grey colour on the previous picture where it is already finished, I realized that the black and grey gives more attraction to this brown test colour so I left it to the one I did it because it gives a kind of mysterious and that you would like to discover as a poster.

Quick sketch Ideas

This are quite rough sketches ideas of how I would like to do my final poster but at the same time I used quick layout too to show the title and the information of the poster.

Analysing Typography

I came with the idea of drawing my own “block baby teeth” by Milton Glaser and I have also drawn the letter A to make it understand full by experience the differences of each type face.

I decided to experiment the two typeface called “constructivist block baby teeth and baby teeth” typography the difference between them it’s that the constructivist block baby teeth it’s made in kind of letter blocks and baby teeth it’s cropped in each side of the font to make it clearly.

The idea of drawing only the letter “A” means that I would like to experiment the “Sans – serif” font and the constructivist block on my poster.

I have drawn and cut of the letters from a black card to use those typefaces on my experiment poster where you can see I scanned them and will be used for my poster.

I also tried to play around with both”constructivist block baby teeth and baby teeth” typographic in a red,orange and green card to demonstrate the understanding of each typeface.




I started to draw a brainstorm to come up with ideas for typography.