Reflection and evaluation from my two final postcards

Visual Communication:

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece meet the needs of the brief?

I think for my both postcards I have showed a specific message like on my first postcard about Gill sans typeface I gave the colours and the structure of the letter “g” type in a outline “g” and a silhouette style in a white colour.

Then I add a black background which gets the people to attract the letter “g” with the background, that gives the message of also using blue and red colour for the characteristics of Gill Sans font from the London underground colours.

For the second postcard about Geoffroy Tory I have come with a simple classic black and white colour to make it historical how the brief specified so for that I used the right image to make it visual and to give the curious image how the letterform was made by Goffrey Tory.

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece fail to meet the needs of the brief?

For some reason for my first postcard I did not use a graphical or a drawing outline on the typefaces so I think on that part it fail on not having that on my postcard.

What are the strengths of the visual communication? Why?

For my first postcard gives the attraction to their colours and the layout of each section of the letter “g” and for my second postcard I

What are the weaknesses of the visual communication? Why?

In what ways could the piece be mis-read or mis-understood by the audience? Be specific about who the audience is.

The audience for my postcards therefore people who are into art, design and typography for adults, students, designers, artists, typographer who will be interested on typography so for that I think I tried to give a right detail of typeface to show about Gill Sans and to not confuse the audience observing other specifications.

Reflection of own working practices:

Be very honest with yourself in this section. Please feel free to approach a member of staff for help finding ways to develop skills.

How was my time keeping?

Was a bit stressful because I wanted to understand the Gill Sans typeface by researching to get inform as much as I can and it did took me a while so for then I started to develop my ideas and then I did manage to do my final piece.

How was my analysis of the brief?

A bit confusing to design the first postcard but then I kept experimenting to come out with the right choice.

How was my research?

Was a bit tough and confusing  because I had many research and didn’t know from where to start

How did I draw conclusions from my research?

From my research I have come with certain ideas and to start analyzing a few examples from research to come up with my own ideas for my final piece.

How did I use research to generate and develop ideas?

By visualizing different kind of examples as posters and postcards to give me the influence to develop my own ideas.

How did I use evaluations to help with my ideas generation and development?

I kept experimenting with my ideas and continued doing annotations.

How did I use experimentation during the project? How can I make this more effective?

Using Illustrator gave me the exploration to make more experimentation to each one of my ideas so for then I have come with the right choose and make it understanding.

In what ways did I show that I had achieved the Learning Outcomes? How can I improve this next time?

Giving the right research and exploring ideas from other people so I can visualize and get my initial idea, to improve for the next time I guess I should of done more illustration development.

What parts of the project did I enjoy most? Why was this the case?

I enjoy the information from my typeface and the design progress because I wanted to show a visual message as the information from the artist who did the Gill sans font.

What parts of the project did I enjoy least? Why was this the case?

When I printed out my first postcard and it did not come right because I used a blue dark colour on the characteristic font and for then I was not pleased but for that I kept on mind that experimenting gives a new try and better idea.

At what times did I work best? Why might this be the case? How can I ensure that I work well at all times?

The times I work best it’s in designing and experiment in each category.

What areas inspired me? Why was this the case? How could I follow these up?

From my first postcard and by the Gill sans information the London underground inspired me with their colours and to be able to show a message to my postcard including the typeface.

What areas were challenging or difficult?  Why was this the case?

To think about how I was going to do my design on my postcards so I had to go through my quick sketches to choose the right one and to start development them.

How can I go about developing and improving  the parts I found difficult?

To choose the right one and be able to show development of my progress.


Evaluation to Second final postcard – GEOFFROY TORY

As you can see I used Geoffroy Tory’s image from the internet which shows the detail of each letter like I have explained on my previous research how the typeface was build.

The image gave me an eye catching is that’s why I used along the title name from the artist for my postcard, I wanted to create a simple and classic black and white postcard.

The audience for this postcard it would be for the people who likes the build and the structure of a typeface how this image postcard is showing.

Also on the reverse of the card I have put a small description in black font about my artist and why I choose it, along with the information at the bottom of the postcard in a opacity of 58%.

Like I did on my first final postcard reverse (backside) I did not use the layout of a postcard how normally should be, using a vertical line in the middle of the postcard and a small box for the stamp, I wanted to be plain so it will be a plain space as on the brief did not say briefly to do a layout line and stamp box so for then I wanted to be different than others postcards.



Second Historical postcard develompent

For my final development historical postcard I wanted to use a simple black and white postcard to show a classic and historical postcard of how the letters forms was done by Geoffroy Tory. As every designing such as illustration or typography should always used a grid to get the exact space between letters and images.

For the reverse of the postcard (backside) I have wrote a small information about Geoffroy Tory using his name in a capital letter and then use the information in a lighter font.

So then I used the reference image and the information at the bottom with a opacity of  58%.


Thumbnails sketches for second Historical postcard

I did some sketches to get ideas for my historical postcards so I can choose for a final postcard. There is a few that I was interested on doing it but since am getting a picture from a website I will also use the reference attached to the postcard and so then I will explain why I was interested and what is this type from.

Evaluation to First final postcard – GILL SANS

I have chosen this final development postcard because it’s different and wanted to show the figure of the type “g” along the sides with the same direction using one on the left hand side and the other “g” as silhouette on the right hand side at the bottom of the postcard by showing a different style. I also use red and blue font to be part of the London underground colour where Gill Sans was recognized by then so here I wanted to show why I chose those colours.

This font colours along the “g” sides I wanted to create a form of a square giving the space to the “g” sides with the help of guide lines and the split into grids where it was able to put the type and the font in order.

The purpose of the black background is to stand out with the blue, red and white colour because it makes you easy to read regard as the information containing insie the silhouette “g”.

I think for the audience on this postcard should be for people who enjoy the typography design as adults and youths because it gives the image of simple and colour as I said the colour to be part of the London underground and so they get the idea why this postcard it’s used with those colours and black and white standing for the form of the letter “g”. Every person has their different view and opinions but this is why I wanted to make a different way to show the understanding of communication even though I did not use any graphic or illustration to the postcard because I did not want to show a lot of detail to make it confuse.

From my research I saw many kind of postcards and posters to see different ideas to allow me to explore and be able to handle one straight final.

So as my preview developments working only on the letter “g” I have experimented in different ways on trying and examining the letter form and the colours while I printed out and had problem with the colour of blue since I chose a darker font so for the next print I made lighter blue font to make it clear.

As I said for the reverse postcard (backside) I used a opacity “g” letter as a background using as an outline, I have also explained that I did not use the vertical line in the middle of the postcard as every postcard have but my intention was to leave it alone and give the unlimited space.

Development Gill sans postcard

For my final postcard I have created a phat into split grid so I can give an accurate angle to the font, so I decided to use a black background because as you known my previous research I have be come to influenced by the letter “g” so I want the letter “g” to be stand out so that’s the purpose I used black background and change the “g” font into white.

For then I have created a white silhouette from the letter “g” in a white colour aswell to combine them together in a different position and style, I added the information inside the “g” silhouette thinking of just having simple as a black font but then i wanted to experiment the characteristic of Gill sans font in a vertical and horizontal side.

So for that I changed my mind to change a red colour where it says GILL SANS to combine with the background letter red font but since I still kep on experimenting I changed GILL SANS into a black colour font again and now used red and blue on the left side to show the colour of the London underground.

Then i wanted to to see how it would look the red and the blue font containing the regular, italic and bold Gill sans on the left side along the “g” but i though my self that it would be simple of having type on top of the “g” since won’t attract the difference between the silhouette and the original “g”.

So I exchanged the red and blue font from the front of the black background to make kinda of a square shape measuring in a right angle between the “g” sides, though of staying with this final but at the end of the day I printed it out and the blue font colour it did not come right and clear because the blue colour between the black was a bit dark and you could not read properly.

I kind of move to another step and tried to use bold font on the red and blue font and made the blue more lighter so it won’t come darker as the preview print that I made.

Once I printed out this one it came out fine and I was pleased to have it done in  right way.

For the last two images are the reverse of the card where I used the the “g” font once again and I created as outline and made a opacity of 50% so it will be as a opacity background along the title on the right side and also made a opacity of 92% so it will be clear to read. I guess I did not use a vertical line in the middle of the card how every postcard have but my purpose was to make it different as all we know that the stamp and writing it’s on the right side but also you it tells that we can write in all the space at the back of the card with no limit.

Development Gill Sans postcard

First of all I used a red rectangle and the letter “g” to path together and crop the one side of the letter “g” so then you could see the difference between an silluehete and a bold “g” side changing to a blue colour.

For then I used GILL SANS in a black colour in the middle of the “g” to make it as the symbol of the london underground as also including the information of the artist at the bottom inside of the “g”.

Finally I add characteristics on the right side in a white colour to stand out from the red background so it will combine the whole colours containing in the postcard.

Then for the reverse (backside) of the postcard I create the half of the “g” letter in a blue colour at the right side including the information on the bottom right side.

I have develop this postcard idea and wanted to show the London underground colours by giving the message from the Gill sans typeface with the information on it.

Thumbnails postcard ideas

I have done some quick sketches for my final postcard where it shows the front side and the back side.

In some of them I have worked with the year from when Gill Sans started, the name who created the Gill Sans typeface “Eric Gill”, used G,S,R,a letter and numbers 12345, the name of the font “Gill Sans” and characteristics from Sans serif type.

This thumbnails gives me the ideas to produce my final one so I can improve and analyze how to design my final one.