1) Visual Communication:

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece meet the needs of the brief?

I have looked at inspiring landscape photography as well as other existing and published double page spreads + Creative review magazine gave me ideas too..

I researched into the environment and amazing landscape photography, as well as researching into a large number of varying layouts that provided a good source of inspiration for my piece.

In what ways does the visual communication/message of the piece fail to meet the needs of the brief?

I feel that I have met most specifications of the brief adding my photography which was the main point for the “photography now” magazine.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the visual communication? Why?

I feel the strengths of the visual communication within my piece could be a clear images/edited and my weakness might be of using a to light photographs.

In what practical ways could the piece be developed or improved?

Maybe if I used other images instead of the ones I used on my final to make it natural and not edited I guess.

2) Reflection of own working practices:

How was my time keeping?

To stick strictly to a time schedule and organise myself.

How was my research?

I felt my research was effective as I explored a wide variation, published double page spreads and I took an inspiration from them into my designs.  I also enjoyed to research about photography and looked at existing landscape photography.

How did I draw conclusions from my research?

I looked at photography magazines and other types of magazine and took the time to analize and draw thumbnails ideas.

How did I use research to generate and develop ideas?

Research for double page spreads found in published copies of photography magazines, nature photography and a amazing Segey Lekomtsev professional photographer who inspired me on the landscapes photographs and sketches layouts.

How did I use evaluations to help with my ideas generation and development?

How did I use experimentation during the project? How can I make this more effective?

I experimented with my design using InDesign by exploring colour background layout, typography and images used.

What parts of the project did I enjoy most? Why was this the case?

I enjoyed researching into other photographer’s work, as the images I found were amazing and inspired me to make my own ones for my final and editing photos.

What parts of the project did I enjoy least? Why was this the case?

To analyze all my research, how I would do my own work and having the stress to get so much ideas and then not to know from where to start.

At what times did I work best? Why might this be the case? How can I ensure that I work well at all times?

Designing my final piece where I enjoy the most to do on the computer but making sure with my research and inspiration ideas.

What areas inspired me? Why was this the case? How could I follow these up?

Researching into other designers + photographers work and make sure to follow the right direction by showing every detail of any piece that I do.

What areas were challenging or difficult? Why was this the case?

I enjoy editing photos most of the time but sometimes it does takes me a bit difficult to know more ideas to add on a photo editing.

How can I go about developing and improving the parts I found difficult?

I will have to become more proactive in editing professionally photos, I could improve by practicing more.

Do I need to develop certain skills? Do I need these now? Or later?

I think developed more editing photography for now and on my spare time because I enjoy photography.

Final piece

I have chose this for my final piece because if you take a look at my previous experimental design layout I used a green background colour but I did not agree with the photos on top because it did not stand out so here I decided to use a white background which looks more professional for a photography magazine.

From my research I have been inspired to have landscapes photographs also including a paranormal photograph as on the third and forth page because it would attract and shows a great view with light and dark shoot.

Since I don’t have a professional camera to take paranormal pictures what I did on the third and forth page photograph I used Photoshop to manipulate and join the photos together to have it as paranormal photograph, a long landscape to look at.

Article for my final

I was asked to choose an environment area which is defined as places surrounded by us or by the social environment and includes elements like the spiritual environment, emotional environment, home, family etc.

For then I have decided to do environment nature, which was the best interest for me because I enjoy exploring and taking a look at the views.

Environment Nature it’s all about climate, weather, green space and natural resources, which are incredible places to be found and especially in a landscape area.

The Landscape was taken at Capstone farm country park has given me the eye catching and inspiration to explore the nature especially in parks where there is landscapes extend from green space or bridges.

For me landscape is more than just a view. It is about interacting natural and cultural systems that make up each landscape and it is also about the relationship between people, place and nature.

I have captured three photographs in a landscape angle to give three types of images like the first photograph it’s clearer showing a relaxed area with a expose sky to see the clarity of the trees, the second photograph is a landscape where you can see the sky light giving a dark side along the lake and for the third photo which s my favourite one because beautiful birds have been captured in half of the landscape that comes to highlight a pleasingly colour.

Development design

For my final design I have choose the last thumbnail sketch and I have used a grid to make sure the photographs, heading and body text are well organized.

I have choose a soft and elegant font called Edwardian Script ITC for the heading which attracts for nature landscapes that is more calm and relaxed, the body text I used the Minion Pro font.

My next step was to justify the body text and have it on line then I manage to place 3 photographs on the next page as landscape using the grid to get it fit straight to the grid.


My chosen photographs for the final – Nature landscape

I have choose this photographs because I think are suitable for my nature environmental landscape final because you can see every detail and how is taken plus I have edited on Photoshop by giving a clear shot.

Experimenting example my own page layout + grid

I used the right measures for the spread magazine page width: 200mm and height 200mm then adding the grid because it is always important to have it settle before designing a layout for a page and have it in the right position.

Adding the grid I started to play around with font for the headline and then adding colour for the background and manipulate the photographs.

Some examples how I edited my photographs

There is 1 by 1 image edited on Photoshop with different steps by the original photograph and edited with the brightness and contrast then adding the burn tool to make the sides abit darker and the dodge tool to make it brighter at the sky or water etc.

Thumbnails ideas

Here are some few sketches ideas that I have on mind to come up with my final piece and manipulate with the photos and the typography.

My own photos – Nature landscape

This photographs are the originals and not edited, was taken by me at the Capstone farm country park in Kent.

These photos are my favorites and would like to edit come of them to choose for my photography magazine page.