Design context (Essay)

Title: Visiual communication design

So I started to look at information


Visual design:

Such as composition, form, colour, light, texture, body language, space, structure etc


Analysis of brief: Big issues in Design

From the brief we have been asked to choose two issues and detailed wheter in a mood board or pinterest and to disccus

Design Context and Analysis brief

Higher National Diploma Graphic Design

Year 2, Terms 1 and 2

Module: Design Context and Analysis

Project: Essay



The debates that have run through design history still have an impact on the practice of today’s designers.

It is important that you understand and can reflect on and discuss where you believe your own practice stands in relation to some of the key issues form design history and context.



You must write an essay of 2,000-2,500 words on a topic of your choice that discusses a key concept, issue or moment in graphic design history or context.

You should reflect on this topic in a critical manner, demonstrating your own independent research into it. As well this you must describe how your own design practice stands in relation to the topic.

You must include imagery of specific design pieces mentioned in your text, as well as images of your own design work. Make sure that these are fully labelled and referenced.

Include a full bibliography in the Harvard style.

Learning Outcomes:

Please see the learning outcomes on Moodle.


Submission date:

Your essay should be submitted by 4pm Friday 31st January 2014. Please submit your named essay by email to all staff in word doc. Format as well as 2 printed copies.

Drafts and rough copies will not be read prior to marking, but staff will be pleased to help you with essay plans and specific areas of difficulty.

You may submit an alternative to a written essay if appropriate. Please discuss this with course leader before undertaking this.