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Project: Portfolio (Website design)

University of Kent at West Kent College

HND / HNC Graphic Design

Year 1,  Term 3

Project: Portfolio (Online Presence)

Module: Website Design  – Project 1 (1 of 1 100%)

Credits: 15
Level: Certificate

Set Date: 25th March 2013

Submission: tbc



Having an online presence as contemporary creative is essential. As a part of the wider graphic design course, this module serves as an introductory platform to the principles of graphic web design as opposed to web development (e.g. back-end work). The primary focus of this module is for students to understand how and why we produce efficient, functional web pages in a range of methods using open source and/or industry standard software. In order to do this students will develop an appreciation of the importance of planning and structuring a website prior to its construction.  As well as investigating current trends in design and technology students will investigate the all-important factors such as page layout, navigational structure, colour and typography.

The Brief

You are to build a web-based portfolio to showcase your design work. The site that you will build will allow for the easy updating of images. As well as developing your technical skills, this project will allow you to begin to consider how you can show your work in its best light and develop your skills in making considered choices about the content of your portfolio and begin to think about the audience you are targeting within a given timeframe. You will also have to make important aesthetic choices as well as decisive and selective in the portfolios’ content.


This is a screen shot dependent project. You MUST record your technical processes and research to explain your understanding of them through your notes and printed screen shots.


Technical Specifications
These may vary accordingly depending upon your skills and chosen approach,

Additional Information

You must evidence that you have:

  • Planned a site before building. Ie. Sketches and Photoshop mocks.
  • Tested your site in one or more browsers using annotated screen shots
  • Evaluated your work-in-progress using annotated screen shots
  • Kept your files in an organised and structured manner evidence via using annotated screen shots
  • Considered general layout and typographic issues.
  • Screen shot any code work you do when using HTML, CSS and XML.
  • You will also be considering accessibility throughout.


You should submit both printed and mounted copies of the website as well as a fully functioning website on cd or online. Should you choose to proceed with an open source website such as Wix or Word press, you will still need demonstrate that you can build functioning web pages by submitting these and how you built them.

If you wish to include any Flash or extra elements you must first demonstrate to staff that the rest of the website is complete and will be graded at pass or above. You may not develop any Flash or other extra elements until you have accomplished the building of basic HTML pages.


Specific Learning Outcomes

Please refer to the Module Guide on Moodle for specific learning outcomes against which you will be assessed. Please allow yourself sufficient opportunities to evidence achievement of the outcomes in your sketchbooks and final pieces.



You will be expected to have researched and evaluated websites and website technology.

Your sketchbook will have to show clear evidence of achievement of ALL of the learning outcomes.