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Sancha class: About Research – TYPE TOUR POSTER

I have attach my notes from my lesson about research how important it’s to understand and expand our knowledge, I also found out the main keys for research defined as investigation related to our work where you can find information as influences and exploration of each work.

Research can also be called as creative to find the specific source that can be found by anywhere like books, internet, news papers, museums, exhibitions, directly to the person etc.

There is also three main research sources into Primary and Secondary sources which means Primary Sources are those that are direct, first hand and immediate, Secondary Sources are the repetition of the primary ones in other media.

In class I learn a new skill whether some of us students find it hard to make notes so we tried the Edward de Bono “P.M.I.” technique that stands for Plus, Minus and Interesting which is a method to think about clearly about our work and a way to help us to evaluate it.

On my notes I have a quick sketch from an exercise we did at class looking through many posters and choose one to get the knowledge by practising with “P.M.I” I think it did help to analyse and think about how can be inspired related to your work and why you don’t think it’s suitable for your work.


New project: Type Tour poster

Project: Type Tour

Module: Computer Applications 1A


Type is all around you. Historical and contemporary pieces, professionally designed or made by amateurs can be viewed in our environments.


How much do you notice it? How much does it inform or inspire you?


This brief asks you to produce a poster that advertises a Typographic Walk around a historically rich area of London.


The Brief

You are to design an A2 portrait format poster that advertises a typographic walk.


You must include one or more of your own images (no found images, please) of type examples from this area.


The information to appear on the poster is as follows (do not add anything else):


Typographic Walk along the Strand

October 10th

For further information please visit our website at


Specific Learning Outcomes

Please refer to the Module Guide on Moodle for specific learning outcomes against which you will be assessed.


Research and development

You will need to present a body of work that shows that you have carried out primary and secondary research into typography, posters and any related explorations. You must demonstrate how this research informs your ideas generation, development and realisation.