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Choosing and Making Analysis of 5 Briefs


The brief it’s easy to understand and able to design a exclusive card for every occasion.

To create an exciting card format like for example emboss, foil, glitter, varnish, gems, googly eyes, printed card attachments, bespoke attachments, buttons etc

The audience its for 16-34 year olds you are more into special cards and who ever else.

The brief tells the mandatories the exactly sizes on their cards and logo.


I found it difficult to understand at the beginning to figure out to come up with the meaning of what the brief is telling but at the end of the day I understand that Hotel Marriot wants to advertise including live events around Europe which I think it was interested to do.


This brief is briefly saying to create an exiting drink coaster to come up with the idea to let join 18-24 people to order the new creation drink.

Also there is a package in the brief saying about the alcohol advertising rules.


This brief is truly saying about creating a camping about creative with legos bricks that can be useful for children and adults too since its an educated toy.

Giving a camping of advertising on media as tv show, internet, posters etc to attract audience to the camping.


The mandatories to this brief is that should be representing to Ella’s Kitchen by creating a media of communication of making exiting packages to their food and a small gifts when ever they are having a supplement from Ella’s kitchen like kids also should be entertained with special gifts to make them exited about to eat healthy food.