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Design factory (Task) small brief

Design Factory Exploration at the Design Museum


In order to complete the Design Factory Brief later in the academic year you will need to produce one research PDF of your explorations of the Paul Smith exhibition (and another of other research and development). Part of what gives you a chance to design well and to make eye-catching research sheet PDFs is your ability to both interpret as well as present information that you are investigating in the exhibition.

The theme that you will design to is that of conveying a sense of British design in a graphic design of your own choice (branding, packaging, editorial or anything else that is appropriate). Try hard to relate what you see in the fashion and design process exhibition to other areas of design – don’t just look for graphic design pieces but move elements from other things to graphics.

For each object ask this key question:


You can substitute these words instead of identity if it helps, or you can invent your own providing it is clear and they are in the same theme (in fact to use a variety of words will be useful):

Culture            Britishness (or other national or ethic identity)

Roots               Signifying practices

Think about these five things for each object while searching for clues to your word:

The personal experience:

How the piece makes you feel (& why)? Does it remind you of anything? What does it signify to you?

Visual or design elements:

Such as composition, form, colour, light, texture, body language, space, structure etc

The way it is made:

Materials, style and techniques of making – how do they make a difference to the meaning (or wearing?)


When was it made, by whom, for whom, where and why? Any other contextual issues, such as cost, issues in who constructed it (rather than who designed it) and so on. If this is not evident in the exhibition how can you find this out?


Conclusion and evaluation

From my ideas sketches I decided to go into illustration so I can finally illustrate all my work.

Since I got my measures done for my CD cover design I have finally can work on to it and start manipulating the illustration and two different colour just to decide two colours and Well I was happy with my final design on illustrations and template.

Critic with Sancha and Tim

So today we talk about our progress work to see how we are doing and we been asked what genre we are doing and how will it work out depending on our chosen songs.

For example I have chosen a Pop genre from the signer Beyonce and my ideas are from my research and music that becomes such as sexy, sensual, seducing, body shape, face.

Since the actual CD covers from Beyonce are only photography but Il be doing an illustration to it and use a mixture colour, draw in an outline stencil and water splash paint that also could be use such as glitter, gold, silver well depending on my final illustration.

I have explained my ideas since I forgot my sketches at home but I gave the idea for my CD album and hope with the (Paper 120gsm Curious Metallic White Gold Pk20) could work well with the illustration.

So for now I been finishing my actual CD template.