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V&A Trip 30th september

“Walk-through book”

When I looked at first piece it seems like a photography but it does indicate a painted story which it shows a bit of destroyed at once with the reflection of the paint, giving details on each side as light and shadow.

Each of them has a story to tell and  the story seems to be drawn in lines and between shapes.

I like the ink painting because it shows different parts of the story  like the message says in the story ” I live in its ruins”.

The second piece it was about language speak a random story where it shows a lot of different examples such as creating your own words, choosing different type of letter to transform the word “photoshop”, mouth language in different movement position and eating words which its kind of weird seeing that but I guess its showing that what we think we speak it out throwing from our mouth.

These stories was shown on images and a media in different position and structured. It had colour and more into black and white.

Design galleries 19th century, 20th or 21st centuries. 


Unusual words ideas

I have choose 10 unusual words because I think they are creative to come up with two final chosen word so I decided to go for Agrypnia – Insomnia and Agoraphobia – fear of open spaces because I think I will come up with some illustration ideas.

Accentor  – songbird

Achromatopsia – colour-blindness

Adipescent – becoming fat or fatty

Agapet – lover of women

Agoraphobia – fear of open spaces

Agrize – to horrify; to disfigure

Agrypnia – insomnia

Alalia – loss of ability to speak

Autophanous – self-luminous

Molochize – to sacrifice


Words were found by –

Illustration of Unusual words examples

“From left to right: ‘A Gentle Creature,’ directed by Robert Bresson, poster by Olga Polackova-Vylet’alova; ‘Rashomon,’ directed by Akira Kurosawa, poster by Bedrich Dlouhy; ‘Fortel a jak ho ziskat (The Knack … and how to get it’ directed by Richard Lester, poster by Milan Grygar.”

I have found this images really useful and meaning as it does advertise in a different language but I really like how its illustrated using space using a mixture of .

This is a contemporary art were made around 1960s to ’80s in Czechoslovakia to celebrate the end of Communism in 1989, music, art and film began mixing messages of freedom with an absurd sense of wit and slightly pessimistic world view.

Most of the designers were completely or chose to use their images in a distorted and altered fashion. Faces and figures are severely cropped or warped in photomontages and collages. In pursuing artistic freedom rather than relying on literal interpretations or actor cachet, artists also stretched the limits of typography.


The pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit

Cacodemonomania Illustrations of Strange and Unusual Words by the project twins

I really love this illustration I find it really interesting and creative the way its done of using “hidden eyes” in a blind window. Specially using those dark colours that stand out the “hidden eyes”.


To have a paralysing or mesmerising effect on: Stupefy or Petrify

Gorgonize Illustrations of Strange and Unusual Words by the project twins

For the name was given I like the way how its illustrated using an eye timer leading to the next partner. The colours are really abstracted giving a figure of attaching to another.

The science of putting people to death.

Using a mixture of illustration it’s not a bad idea since it does look of a “skull” but I like how its used with dark colours as “death”.


Production of knowledge

Noegenesis Illustrations of Strange and Unusual Words by the project twins

I really enjoy this one because it does show how its line up and creative using shapes and space in each side of the drawing.

It does show a communication language because when I saw the image straight away it does make sense  of how is the knowledge about a person.

About “Unusual Words”

Unusual words are involve with photography or illustration which means bold graphics and visual are used to interpret and represent a collection of strange, unusual and lost words. It means images explore the meaning behind the words, which are sometimes even more strange or unusual.

This project explores the synthesis between form and content, and words and images with the aim of producing work that is both visually interesting and informative.


University of Kent at K College

HND Graphic Design

Year 2, Term 1

Modules: Option Module Illustration OR Option Module Photography

(Please note that whichever module you pick you must have also used for the first project in this portfolio for Options)

“Unusual Words” Poster Designs


At this stage of your HND you are offered the chance to undertake further work within a pathway – these are illustration and photography.

In answer to this brief you must produce outcomes that conform to ONE of the options. You should check the appropriate learning outcomes and work to achieve these.

The Brief

The book by the title of “Unusual Words” is about to be launched by the publisher Octopus Publishing Group.

You are to produce two markedly different posters that promote the book’s launch. You are to include image and type in any way that you feel is suitable. Each poster must contain at least one ‘unusual’ word and its dictionary definition. Your image and typeface choice should emphasise the meaning or mood of the word.

The poster is to be scalable to any A size. No smaller than A3 for submission.

You will choose your own copy.

Please include Octopus Publishing’s logo somewhere on your posters along with the launch date of November 1st 2013.

As ever, your journals and blogs must fully address the learning outcomes. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with them.

Specific Learning Outcomes

Please see Moodle and your course handbook for the specific learning outcomes for each module. Please note that the pathways options (photo and illustration) have different learning outcomes.


Set: 23rd September 2013

Submission: 21st October 2013