Web Design companies “presentation”

By Carter Wong


This web design it’s a bit simple using a dark background and bright colour font which gives the interaction on depending on their portfolio as I discovered that in each selection page has a main colour font along with the product that is attach like for example the corneto ice cream shows with  a selection of photography and a shape to stand out the product design.

This design it seems to be a bit crauded

By Pentagram


The Pentagon web design it looks a bit plain and not really my attraction because it only have reference on the side but it does give you an option on the links above by showing categories that clients would like to see, apart of that I think it does looks professional in a way of it looks fresh and clean but for my opinion as for my web design I would change and tried to give a graphic content on the layout but I guess depends how you going to present your “portfolio web design”.

By Spin


I think this design it looks better for a photographer design since photos are larger but it makes sence because it’s about magazine design and product design which does shows you with every detail but for my opinion the photos should be smaller or give an option for a specific order.

It does give the name of companies who was done by but I think it’s a bit to crowed for me even though its a simple web design it don’t really have a lot of functional graphic.

By Ligalux


I really enjoy this web design because on the main page it shows a colorful image of an apple with contents above but once you click for an option as checking out an specific project the images comes up in black and white and when your about to click on one of them it comes out as a colour and its intersting


By Milton Glaser


By Johnson Banks


By Pearl Fisher


By Stefan Sagmeister 


By Barnbrook


By Ellen Lupon



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