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My main idea for final presentation

From my research I have come up with lots of ideas getting colour and black and white colour to the icons where it will only show a directly meaning from each icon.

Based on my sketches I wanted to give a meaning not using to much colour or just use 3 colours that could be black, red and white combining to each other depending what the icon its representing.



Altimeter examples

Anemometer examples

Thermometer examples

Barometer examples

Decibel meter examples

A decibel meter is a device which measures sound pressure to determine how intense sounds are, measuring in decibels. Decibels are a logarithmic scale based on the sensitivity of the human ear.

Pedometer examples

A pedometer it’s a device that calculates the distance that a person has walked or run the steps you take, then converts those steps into distance by knowing the length of the person’s stride. Using this device can be an effective way to motivate an individual into doing more walking.

Speedometer examples

A speedometer is vehicle device that measures and displays the speed, and is essential for safety purpose on roads and highways.

Research (brainstorm) – Semiotics poster


My group and I have come up with the conclusion of drawing a brainstorm so we could come up with ideas choosing a section like  Dave will be doing the Semiotics part, Alan will be looking and getting information about Posters and I will be investigating about Style/Typography of the independent.