Semiotics – Paradigms & Syntagms

To understand parading and syntagms

Paradigmatic it is a set of signs, those of which that have a common function. It can be seen as a contrastive factor because the signifiers in the same paradigm set shapes each other’s preferred meaning by virtue of mental associations. For example, a set of verbs, nouns, etc.

The syntagmatic is known to be the chain of signifiers, refers to the combination of signifiers taken from a paradigm to form a meaningful order. A few of examples of which are sentences as  paragraph,chapter, print advertisment.





At the two images, the first advert for Marlboro cigarettes, It’s a proud cowboy that looks tuff and a hat demonstrating the “American dream” but if you change it with other clothes and no hat and tuff he would not suit for a cigarettes advert which it would look weird and not suitable.

The second advert it’s a man from the same first advert but it looks creepy because the man looks like he killed the horse but in another way it shows to demonstrate another definition to understand about the advert.


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