About general environment

Environment it’s the influences and resources in a system which means environment is our surroundings and what is around us for example our house, town, shops, parks, river, ocean  etc.

Environment are influences and resources surroundings us consisting of natural elements such as animals, plants, water, air and artificial as houses, highways, bridges, etc.
Environment is also produced from the human for example, cities are the result of human society and are part of the environment. The culture of a people too, their customs, their beliefs.
The environment is constantly changing, positive or negative, by human action or natural transforming our surroundings but also shapes the landscape rain, builds and destroys sea beaches, cold and heat break rocks, other species are architects of their environment, etc.


Environmental may refer also:

Environmental art



This is a piece of art by Widesmith of a nature artist, who enjoys nature landscapes.

Most of his paintings are nature environmental where he started to draw plants and flowers but then he became more enthusiastic with the beauty of nature.



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